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Developing Colombo

Skyscrapers blooming up from everywhere in Colombo. In few years, it will be a totally new look so I'm trying to capture the pictures as of today so it has some meaning in future. March 2017 August 2017

RSA cryptography in PHP (How To?)

bckurera's thoughts

Being security is one of the utmost considerations in current web site/ application development process, I am sure you have spent a lot of time writing codes to handle encryption in your applications.

In this article I am trying to present one of my favorite ways to solve this issue, the RSA encryption/ decryption handling in your PHP development.

This is quite straight forward as I am using PHPSecLib package. I was using openSSL library for PHP for few years and recently started dealing with this package. It is pretty cool implementation so I started loving it.

First of all you need to get the package, it is available to download[1] and it comes with MIT license[2], GPL compatible[3].

If your intention is to use PHPSecLib only for RSA encryption and decryption I suggest including only two directories which are Crypt and Math in your production environment.

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