Tip: How to change translations in IFS Report layout texts

Changing standard translations in reports is one of the most common requests we get from customers. I even got some development requests where customers need to use different translated texts in different layout. Luckily IFS report designer provides string functions which we can use to fulfil such requirements. In this post we will see how to change attribute display text or static text translations easily in IFS report designer layouts.

Select Function designer and click on the cell where you need to add translated text

If the cell is not empty, clear the text in the function editor. Select StrTranslate function.

Define the parameters as below



list1 – comma separated language code list (eg: ‘en,sv’)

list2 – corresponding text for language code in list1 (eg: ‘Invoice,Faktura’)

default– add a default text



This is useful for quick translation work and the StrTranslate function is available in all IFS report designer versions as I know. But if you have many layouts to manage, it could be cumbersome to replicate the change in all layouts hence could be easy to to change the standard translation.

Hope you find it useful 😊

Please add your thoughts, comments and suggestions!


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