How to install TP-Link Nano WLAN USB adapter on Raspberry Pi 2B

Raspberry Pi 2B doesn't have a inbuilt WLAN interface so I'm using TP-Link Nano WLAN usb adapter to connect to internet. Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian) does not have a default driver for TP-Link nano, so every time I reset my Pi, it's a little hassle to setup the Wi-Fi. I'm a Linux dummy so every... Continue Reading →

How to use DBMS_XMLDOM to create XML from PL SQL

This example shows how to create an Oracle XML object using DBMS_XMLDOM package. It includes XML declaration (Version and Charset)XML namespaceLooping through a cursor to add recursive nodes PART_CATALOG table consists of records in below structure Part_NoDescriptionUOMTEST1test1pcsTEST11Test 1pcsTEST111111VIAL DECLARE L_XMLTYPE XMLTYPE; L_DOMDOC DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMDOCUMENT; L_ROOT_NODE DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNODE; PARTS_ELEMENT DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMELEMENT; PARTS_NODE DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNODE; PART_ELEMENT DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMELEMENT; PART_NODE DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNODE; PART_NO_ELEMENT DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMELEMENT;... Continue Reading →

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