How to Include additional attachments in e-mail reports in IFS Cloud

Include additional attachments in IFS e-mail report is one of the top posts in my blog and received many good comments. One of the questions was that the methods used here are not compatible in IFS Cloud. Script used in above post was developed for Apps8. By that time, Command_SYS.mail has limited capability of handling attachments.... Continue Reading →

Check XSL Transformer Output

In IFS Cloud, there's no easy way to test the transformer output. Visual studio Enterprise or Professional versions has a XML editor where you can easily test the transformer output but the Community edition does not have this feature. If you have Visual Studio Enterprise or Professional, check below link on how to do that.... Continue Reading →

SOAP Integrations with IFS

SOAP stands strongly in the market even two decades and alongside with other modern integration protocols. Even today it's the go-to messaging protocol for many enterprise integrations and companies frequently use SOAP for their web services. It's no exception for IFS Applications and IFS provides wide range of web services both inbound and outbound. In... Continue Reading →

Using Functions in Oracle SQL

Oracle subquery using WITH clause is a popular choice among the developers. From Oracle 12C it's possible to define PLSQL function inside WITH clause. It's a handy feature which is really useful when making complex queries

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