The Complete Shopping Disaster

I’m not a big fan of online purchases but last xmas suddenly saw a pretty good deal on for a LED TV and thought of buying since we were looking for a TV at that time and it offers a pretty good discount for the credit card and additional dialog broadband connection free.
Having so many hopes about the product, I placed the order on 22nd Dec hoping at least they will deliver before 31st so we can have it for the New Year.
I mailed them just to make sure that the product id delivered on time times but surprisingly it was bounced back from . I didn’t care about that much since it was only few days after placing the order and I was relying on their ‘5 day delivery promise’.

We still didn’t receive the product until 4th Jan so I decided to give the first call to check the status of my order. 
They gave me the most stupid excuse I ever heard. They said that their supplier is out of stock and it will take some time and they can’t give an exact delivery date yet.

Ok, then what happened to the stock which was available when I place the order…?, and who cares about your suppliers…?

 Next day I handed over the status checking to my wife since I didn’t have time to waste 15 mins to on phone to get such an answer. When she called they gave a different excuse. This is just one day after my call. They said that the product is handed over to delivery and somebody will call to deliver this within next few days.

In one day, your supplier got the stocks, delivered to you and you guys processed my delivery…pretty quick!

2 days passed and we didn’t get any calls so my wife rings them back on 7th. They said the product will be delivered on that day and wait until 6.30 since there were lots of orders to deliver and they need a big vehicle to put my 20ft ladder. Okay, fair enough and we waited whole day. Nothing…

Next day we went to wow head office to check the status and at least to collect the TV since my daughter had lots of hopes on that. They said it can’t be done since the product is with delivery guys. We even asked if we can go to the delivery location and pick that. They even couldn’t contact any guys so that option also failed.

Worth mentioning the situation at that time. There were few other people arguing about products which were not delivered on time and one gentleman said he placed the order one month back and still didn’t get the product. He even mentioned that he will write a news article and asked for my (and others who had the same issue) contact to get more info.

With all these happening I thought of cancelling the order since they seems hopeless bunch of guys and enough dealing with them. So I asked the guy in charge to cancel the order and got a written note.

Now comes the best part of the story. They said the refund will take around 5 to 10 days and check with the bank afterwards. I didn’t concern that much since the order was placed with installments so I didn’t charge anything yet. On 18th I got a mail from wow for the cancellation of order. I checked several times with the bank and they confirmed they didn’t receive any note from to cancel the purchase. Calling the Wow is like hitting the head against a wall. At least they put the call on hold for 10 mins to check with refund department and say it will processed within next few days. They didn’t pass the call to the relevant department and to a manager to complain about this and get an exact date to inform the bank. It’s really surprising to know that placing the order is only few seconds and reversing it takes months!

Latest situation is that I still didn’t get any confirmation on the cancellation of the payment until now, 3rd Feb.

 So the moral of the story is that never pay in advance if you are buying from (I haven’t done any purchases from others so I can’t comment on them) and never hope the product will be delivered. Most importantly, never call them to ask about the order.

Few words to Please don’t think we are idiots (of course we are to buy from you guys) and improve the quality of the service. Otherwise the call center guys will remain telling the same lies which will definitely lose your customers.

Please share your story so others would know the real side behind online shopping!


Update on 4th Feb:

I got a reply from Facebook page for my post. It’s frustrating even more knowing that they already aware of the situation but doing nothing than apologizing.





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