Recently I started being a diehard fan of Arduino and as you may already know, Arduino is about programming the hardware which I think is really a cool subject. Now I’m up-to try some Internet of Things (IOT) projects where we can provide some sort of intelligence to ‘Things’ and network them.

First thing I tried was to connect my Arduino to a WiFI network. For this I bought a WiFi shield which comes with CC3000 chip from eBay and was so eager to try out a basic IOT project.

I thought it was just a matter of plug n play but all my hopes were gone when I connected the wifi shield and try to upload the ScanNetworks example given in Arduino IDE. It just print WL_NO_SHIELD (“WiFi shield not present”) error and did not proceed. This error might be so simple to figure-out for a Pro but I was so confused since I’m completely new to Arduino and not aware whether this is a compatibility issue or hardware issue in the shield. To make things worst, Google search took me into some irrelevant posts and was trying many things to get connected to a WiFi network. Therefore I hope this post will be useful for a complete dummy like me.

It took me several hours of search and several (useless) programming codes to figure out that the CC3000 needs its supportive library and Arduino library is to works with it’s own shield which comes with a different chip. Compatible library for CC3000 chip can be downloaded from here.

Next thing I did was to upgrade the CC3000 Firmware to V 1.14 using the upgrade sketch given under examples in Adafruit library. Then… Ta-Daa… My Arduino shield was at-least now alive and displaying the available networks.

More details on CC3000 WiFi module can be found here:

Ebay store I bought the WiFi shield:

I will try to keep posting on my experiences with Arduino projects. But most probably if they endup with positive results 😉

If you are also an Arduino fan, keep commenting on what you are up to. I’d love getting to know.