Day 7

Aug 29th Best day in Sweden so far. I started in the morning walked along the streets of Gothenburg seeking for something inspiring. Well, I found lots of beautiful places and was pretty amazed by the 18th century architecture. Then I stepped towards Slottsskogen Park which is a perfect place to enjoy the nature and relax.

Day 2

Aug 24 Monday- Morning view was fantastic from the apartment. In the evening we had to leave to Asker, Norway. It was almost rainy and I was so lazy to take my camera out from the bag. just snapped this beautiful bridge on the way but I don’t know the name.

Day 1

Aug 23 Sunday- Just arrived in Göteborg, Sweden. It's bit warm than I thought and had nice sunshine. We went on a little picnic with our most caring office friend Eva to Härlanda lake which was a very beautiful scenery. After that, I took a walk in the streets of Göteborg with my camera but was bit tired... Continue Reading →

Sunrise at Kalutara bridge

Last Sunday I've started travelling to Colombo early in the morning and this fascinating scenery stopped me by the Kalutara Bridge to take some snaps. This is a rare scene where we can see Sripada mountain clearly and the Sunrise is not blocked by and clouds; Wonderful way to start my adventurous Sunday 🙂

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