Authentication in IFS Cloud

This article explains about how authentication takes place in IFS Cloud and some examples with Postman for each OAuth authentication flow for end users and for integrations

Check XSL Transformer Output

In IFS Cloud, there's no easy way to test the transformer output. Visual studio Enterprise or Professional versions has a XML editor where you can easily test the transformer output but the Community edition does not have this feature. If you have Visual Studio Enterprise or Professional, check below link on how to do that.... Continue Reading →

SOAP Integrations with IFS

SOAP stands strongly in the market even two decades and alongside with other modern integration protocols. Even today it's the go-to messaging protocol for many enterprise integrations and companies frequently use SOAP for their web services. It's no exception for IFS Applications and IFS provides wide range of web services both inbound and outbound. In... Continue Reading →

Taming the ESB Beast – Part 1

Connecting IFS database to WSO2 Enterprise Integrator I tried many options to connect IFS with other systems but the standard IFS functionalities are very limited to expose the business objects to outside and connect 'any' type of other system to IFS. On the other hand Enterprise Service Bus, ESB is there to fill the communication gap between two... Continue Reading →

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